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BY FISH A WING, JANUARY 01, 2021 11:00 AM

Fish a wing discovers techniques and technologies related spinning reels. Gather practical information’s from professional characters and share them in a sequence. Details about fishing equipment’s and the uses of various spinning reels are provided. Buying guides, Reviews, and Top Picks are our most interesting part.

Story of Fish A Wing

Catching fish in fresh water or salt water is a combination of human skills as well as fishing equipment’s efficiency. Time and patience is must for the world of angling. For the beginner’s it is challenging.

In my childhood, I invested lot of time for catching fishes. I failed again and again. My neighbors catch 10-15 fish in a day but I get only 2-3. That is shame for me. I discovered the way of fishing, I discovered good fishing reels, and rods. And applied with my newly discovered techniques and get success in fishing. It takes almost 6 years.

After that I write down the points and key techniques in my diary. Which really effective for the world of fishing. Day by day I consulted with professionals and get new ideas about fishing.

Then I have decided to share those information’s to the world. Especially for the beginners and intermediaries.

Future of Fish A Wing

I will enrich each segments and categories based on my experience and findings. And will provide the updated fishing equipment’s reviews.          

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