Privacy Policy

BY FISH A WING, JANUARY 01, 2021 11:00 AM


What information we collect from visitors?

We get information’s from our visitors by two ways:

  • Information that submitted in this site by Visitors.
  • Information that send to us by email.
  • Fish A Wing website pages can be indexed by search engine and publicly visible to our visitors. All our updated content emailed to our visitors those are subscribed to our Latest Articles.

    Fish A Wing preserve and evaluate comments or other form of content posted by visitors to this site. If visitors request to delete any comment or content that is submitted by him or her then we delete that content from our site. But we cannot make sure that; that content is fully deleted by search engine indexed and individual or system that saved that content.

    Does we use Cookies?

    We use cookies (a tiny text file) contain our unique serial number. This serial number resides to our visitor’s hard drive that allow us to track our visitor’s location and user experience.

    * Read about HTTP Cookie

    Does our Visitors information protected to us?

    We do not share any kind of information’s to third party until it is required by Cyber Law. Even our resource provider’s does not have access to see our visitor’s information’s. Only the Admin preserve this information as confidential.

    Does you need to accept our Privacy Policy?

    Our visitors are accepting this privacy policy by using or visiting to our website.

    We will update this Privacy Policy section when it is required. We can change this privacy policy at any time.

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