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BY FISH A WING, JANUARY 01, 2021 11:00 AM


Our visitors need to open a user account for posting Fish A Wing content or using our several unique features of our site. Visitors post and comments should be relevant to our content. 

Terms and Conditions - Reserve the Right

Fish A Wing reserve the right to delete any comments or posts even user account for inappropriate use of our site. Fish A Wing can claim Cyber Law for further steps for any uncertain harmful uses of our site. This site is providing helpful information’s and recommendations. But if something is not appropriate in your eye then feel free to criticize that part of content.

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Data - Fish A Wing

Fish A Wing saves data. And continuously updated their content. So we can remove our previous data if needed. Also can change the data structure for better user experience. If this site lost or any part of this site will lost at any time then Fish A Wing will not be responsible for this.


No part of this website is to be reproduced without the permission of Fish A Wing. Visitors are encouraged to share our posts, articles, pages and images.


All the articles, posts, images are property of Fish A Wing.

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